Real Female Orgasm – How to Tell if She’s Faking It?

by blog on December 8, 2010

Okay, she said you’re the best in bed and she can’t get enough of you. She screamed at the right time and moaned at the right moment. She even grabbed your hair and pushes her claws on your skin. She said she had the most fantastic sex ever, but did she?

Studies show that 70% of women faked orgasm at least once in their lifetime. The odds are too great for you to not suspect that your girl is faking her orgasm. So how do you tell if it’s fake or real female orgasm?

The following are the telltale signs that she is in fact having real female orgasm;

1.) She had a real female orgasm if she squirts. Well squirting is definitely a hundred percent sign of orgasm. But even the slow flowing release of vaginal fluids is a good indicator that she indeed has a real female orgasm.

2.) Vaginal spasms should be present. Prior to and during orgasm, the girl’s vaginal wall contracts and retracts creating successive spasms. This is a sign of real female orgasm. If she screams and you are not feeling her vaginal wall twitches, then that must be a fake one.

3.) Increase in vital signs and red flashes are good indicators of real female orgasm. During orgasm, the body releases adrenaline, the same chemical that doctors give to dying patients. This increases the heart rate, pulse rate, breathing and dilates the blood vessels and causes red flashes on the vulva, nipples and neck. You’ll notice the lips and other her other body parts like the clitoris, her labia and even the vaginal wall to increase in size. The engorgement is due to the increase in blood flow due to the dilation of blood vessels.

There are good reasons why women fake their orgasms. 1.) Because you cannot make them reach orgasm and 2.) because they do not want to hurt their feelings.

Let your girl experience real female orgasm! Learn the techniques to satisfying your woman to reach real female orgasm.

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