Female Orgasm Blueprint – How To Make A Girl Orgasm

by blog on April 15, 2011

female orgasm blueprintyourkeyword If you are looking for the female orgasm blueprint, let me show you the way how to make a girl orgasm. Heads up: just because you have failed to give your woman an orgasm the first time does not mean you are a horrible lover. It only implies that what technique you did was not the right one to rub her way and the good news is that there are tons of other ways you can try to get her going real good.

It is important to know this straight up because if you feel bad about the situation, or you make your girl feel bad that she is not having an orgasm with you, the bottom line might go where she would just fake it. Totally not cool.

So the first thing that you must know about the blueprint of the female orgasm is the fact that it all starts in her head. The fear center of women need to be closed in order for them to reach climax. If she is thinking of all her troubles and she is not comfortable with you, there is no way she will have an orgasm. Everything will be forced so the first step is to make her relax and show her that you are in control so that she can let go of all her cares and just take that leap with you.

Guide your female love towards the heights of multiple orgasms using this excellent blueprint that will send you straight to the heavens.

Another good thing to do is to make her anticipate your loving so that she will be thinking about her orgasm for long hours that by the time you come home she will be all excited and her orgasm is but a few licks away. It is something that you may call a verbal foreplay. Sweet.

Lastly, when it is all about being physical, the key to the female orgasm blueprint lies in the stimulation that you provide for her. Kiss, suck, lick is always a good combo plus get your fingers going and really stimulate her good. You have to make her feel that you appreciate her body and every inch is just a wonderland for you. When she is able to see all of this she will just explode with the finest female orgasm you have ever seen.

Want to know more ways to help her reach that orgasm wonderland? Get the blueprint to female orgasm here and never look back.

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