Female Ejaculatory Discharge – Amazing Tips to Make Your Girl Squirt During Intercourse

by blog on January 6, 2011

Female ejaculatory discharge, also known as squirting or gushing, is a good indicator that a woman reached orgasm during the intercourse.

They thought that all a woman can give is the lubrication that makes her vagina extra lubricated. The first time I mentioned that women too ejaculate and produce female ejaculatory discharge, they just couldn’t believe me. And I am not surprise. It is not very easy to give a woman an orgasm, let alone make her squirt female ejaculatory discharge.

It takes an extra great skill for a guy and also the girl’s anatomy as well to be able to make his girl come and produce female ejaculatory discharge. Some men are just better in bed than other men and some women just come easily and release female ejaculatory discharge during orgasm.

So how are you going to make your girl squirt? Girls will only release female ejaculatory discharge if they reach orgasm, so making a girl come means making a girl reach her orgasm.

Here are some tips to make that happen.

1.) Make sure that your girl is in the height of her sexual arousal before penetrating her. An amazing foreplay as well as cunnilingus will do the job.

2.) Stimulate her G-spots. Yes, the clitoris experiences the best kind of sensayion, but please do not forget to stimulate her other G-spots.

3.) Position her in a position that she can get full stimulation from you. Doggie Style and Missionary gives you deeper penetration, but woman on top gives better stimulation on the Clitoris.

Female ejaculatory discharge is a sign of orgasm that cannot be faked. If you want to make your girl feeling satisfied, try your best to make her squirt and come!

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