Beats Female Ejaculation Videos Tenfold – See Her Reach Orgasm & Ejaculate in Person

by blog on December 16, 2010

Yes, your computer contains countless female ejaculation videos of different porn films, but I want to tell you something, nothing beats seeing your girl reach her orgasm and ejaculate because of you.

Guys often have difficulty in making their girl achieve orgasm, unlike with the female ejaculation videos that you used to watch, women do not reach orgasm and even rarer to squirt and ejaculate. Some men grow old without seeing the women they are with explode. That is because the intensity of orgasms in women is different and some women are just born squirters while some are not. So, how do you make a girl explode her juices and squirt like those in female ejaculation videos?

Ditch those female ejaculation videos and learn the secrets of making her ejaculate.

1.) Give the right stimulation on her clitoris;

The clitoris contains more nerve endings than your penis. The sheer number of nerve ending makes a woman’s clitoris ,ore sensitive that your penis. Therefore, you need to be careful in applying the right lightness or hardness in stimulation since because of the number of nerve endings, the line between painful and blissful stimulation is thinned.

2.) Allow her to Gain Momentum;

Women are not like men who can go at it with a flick of your finger. Women need to heat up first before they can reach their orgasm. Lengthen the foreplay until her arousal goes as high or higher than yours before you really try to penetrate her.

3.) Be Experimental;

If there are things to learn from your female cunnilingus videos, it is the position that the guy and girl use. Since I know you’ve been hiding a lot of female ejaculation videos, you might as well try them out for her.

There are many things to be done to please your girl. Give her the best sex so she can reach her orgasm!

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