Why Women Fake Orgasm

by admin on June 21, 2011

Some women are considered award winning actresses on how they fake orgasm in bed. There are varied reasons why a number of women resort to this type of lies why having sex with their partners. Here are some common reasons why women engage in fake orgasms to the detriment of men.

A. Hiding her “inadequacy” to orgasm

A number of women do not really know their true sexuality that is why they have no idea how they can reach orgasm during sex. To hide their inadequacy or lack of proper knowledge regarding their own orgasm they just fake their orgasm in-front of their partner.

B. Insecure on having sex with herself

Some women have the adequate knowledge about their own sexuality but the problem lies on their insecurity to show their partner how they can stimulate themselves to achieve a real orgasm. Instead of showing their lover how they make love to their own self to achieve real orgasm they resort to fake orgasm due to shyness and lack of self confidence.

C. Longer Orgasm blues

Another reason why some women fake orgasm is their misconception or fear that their orgasm might be longer than their lover so they engage to fake orgasm instead. Women need to realize that in sex sexual partners are engage in a give and take relationship where each others needs are address especially on the side of women. Having sex is a positive thing between couples so why place negative thoughts inside your mind it will just ruin your lovemaking.

D. Sensitive of her lover’s feelings

Instead of satisfying themselves some women shift to the idea that they partner will be angry at them if they will not reach real orgasm so they just fake it. Women are afraid of having problems  with their lover if ever she not reach real orgasm so they just fake it.

E. Had some illness

Some women fake orgasm to hide from their lover their sickness of not being able to reach true orgasm. Women are afraid that their orgasm illness will ruin her happy relationship with her lover so they just fake their orgasm.

F. Her lover is lousy in sex

In some isolated cases women fake orgasm simply because their lover is lousy in bed. Instead of telling their lover straight in the eyes that he had not satisfy her they just instead fake orgasm in order not to humiliate or embarrass their man. Women who love to practice fake orgasm it is time to stop such an activity before it will cause rift or worse separation with your partner.

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One of the best ways to reach reach multiple orgasm for women is to hit the so-called G-spot.
Men who wants to please their women and let them reach multiple orgasm need to make a it a habit to hit the G-spot of their partner in every lovemaking activity.
To fully understand G-spot so that you can really make your woman achieve multiple orgasm here is a quick and endepth look on this human sexuality term.
Based on the medical dictionary the G-spot is a mass of glandular tissue, known as the paraurethral glands, and nerves. The G-spot lies between the urethra and the vagina, and is not actually a part of the vagina.G-spot is always a hot topic since it is an area in female genitalia that provides women multiple orgasm and climax when stimulated.

Despite its big significance in making women attain ultimate happiness  in bed not all men knew its role and its location in the female sexual organ.
Before we get inside the G-spot intricacies let’s try to find out first its history for us to have an idea how this women’s arousal point came into the picture of human sexuality. G-Spot got its name from Ernest Grafenberg, a German born medical doctor and scientist who gained fame for studies of the female genitals, and female sexual physiology in general. His published papers include the seminal The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm in 1950, in which he describes female ejaculation, and an erotic zone where the urethra is closest to the vaginal wall.
But did you know before Grafenberg made an extensive study on this area in the women’s genitalia, this G-Spot had already been discussed way back in the ancient Rome.Now let’s enter the world of G-Spot brace yourself up!
In the initial stage of stimulation by a sex toy or partner this area is hard to find but once women are aroused you can feel this important portion through the vaginal wall.G-Spot is usually located 1.5 to 3 inches within the vagina particularly at the upper wall.
If aroused G-spot is about the size of a quarter and is usually a bit longer than its wide. Women who wish to find their G-spot through finger will be disappointed since this area  can only be felt by one or two fingers by a man inside the vagina when she is already aroused. Usually the G-spot resembles like a small lump in the vaginal wall.
Men can stimulate the G-Spot when they find it by moving their fingers in very small circles. Once stimulated women usually feels  the strong need to urinate.
But as the stimulation continues the sensation will be replaced by a pleasant and arousal feelings which eventually lead to female multiple orgasm. Despite the arousal it provides, not all women experience multiple orgasm once their G-Spot is stimulated. Women’s reaction to G-spot stimulation varies as some women have strong orgasm from a combination of G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. Other women find powerful orgasm when the G-spot is hit during sex especially in anal sex.
While other women do not find any joy at all when their G-Spot is stimulated. Some women who experience unforgettable multiple orgasm through G-Spot stimulation confessed that their experience is very different from the orgasm they felt in clitoral stimulation. Such confession have basis since according to a recent study G-Spot has different nerves from the clitoris and vulga. Time to make your woman experience multiple orgasm by hitting her G-spot now.

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